Are you a graduate RN, EN or midwife?

2024 graduate nurse and midwife offer

As a welcome to your working career and to help you with the cost-of-living, your union, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch), is offering 2024 graduate registered or enrolled nurses or midwives half-price membership for two years!

For the fraction of the price of a takeaway coffee per shift, you can join the collective strength of nearly 100,000 Victorian nurses and midwives. Union fees are also tax deductible.

Save money with your ANMF membership

ANMF members can access exclusive member benefits, some of which can help save you hundreds of dollars, if not more!

  • Dedicated support, representation, and advice about graduate wages, working conditions, workplace safety, and professional issues
  • Fulfill your NMBA CPD requirements with 200+ free online CPD modules
  • Professional indemnity insurance (conditions apply)
  • Member-only holiday accommodation in Melbourne CBD, Bright, and Ocean Grove (up to 50% cheaper than other hotels/motels)
  • Campaigns to improve wages and conditions
  • Financial help for postgraduate and post-registration study
  • Discounts on cars, computers, travel, shopping, and more
  • Peace of mind that your union has your back

What you'd pay

Reduced rate is for two years from when you join in your grad year.

Registered nurse/midwife

Hours worked per week Fortnightly Monthly Quarterly Yearly
More than 24 hours $12.38
24 hours or less $9.24

Enrolled nurse

Hours worked per week Fortnightly Monthly Quarterly Yearly
More than 24 hours $9.24
24 hours or less $5.68

This offer is valid only for 2024 Victorian graduate nurses and midwives. All other prospective members should go to our join page.

The nitty gritty


You must commence your first year of working (i.e. grad year) as a Victorian registered or enrolled nurse or midwife in 2024. The two years reduced rate is applicable from when you join.

Accessing member benefits and services

Access to full membership benefits will not be possible until receipt of your first payment. At the end of your application, you can make a payment from a Visa or MasterCard. Your payment may include a pro-rata amount to cover your membership from your joining date until the next direct debit date. If you’re unable to make a payment, your membership will be considered pending until your first direct debit has occurred.

After you submit your application

Applications usually take one business day to process. We’ll then email your membership number, login instructions and direct debit schedule. For any queries, please email

Membership fees

Prices include GST and are valid until June 2024. We have not increased our fees since July 2019. Membership fees are tax deductible as a work-related expense. Most ANMF members should receive at least 30 per cent of their fees paid in any financial year as part of their tax return. This does not constitute financial advice. Check with your tax adviser.